Include an accountant on your estate team to navigate tax responsibilities

When becoming an estate executor, often times the tax responsibilities and roles are unfamiliar. While the primary responsibility is to execute and finalize the estate wishes of a family member or friend, a number of tax-related tasks are necessary.

Should you become an estate executor, understanding the importance of including an accountant on your team of law and financial professionals, family members and others is critical to getting through a difficult time with ease.

At Lodovico & Associates, we offer a range of estate tax services. Here is what you can expect with us.

  1. Estate tax:We work together with all involved parties – executors, heirs, fiduciaries, attorneys and more – to create strategies and workable tax solutions to help minimize your estate tax liability.
  2. Estate accounting: Through consultation, we assist in obtaining important information and documentation that may impact tax liabilities. Families don’t always realize the estate tax liabilities that can be occurred upon death. With the relevant documents and information, we assess the tax liability, then prepare and file all required tax returns.
  3. Navigating responsibilities: We help executors, and all those involved in finalizing an estate, understand exactly what’s required to file final tax returns, required documents to secure and more.

To learn more about our decades of estate tax services expertise and offered services, click here.

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