Property Investment for Profitability: 3 Keys for Success

If you’re new to the investment property business, or a seasoned professional, having trusted, third-party analysis on your investment may not only provide peace of mind, but prove to also jumpstart or grow your investment property business.

While property appraisals will help you to understand what a property is worth, property evaluations helps to understand, “is this investment worth it?” – and that’s where we come in. We start by helping our clients to understand the value of an investment property, then help lead them to profitable strategies all while considering tax impacts.

With decades of investment property evaluation experience, our experts at Lodovico & Associates help our clients apply business-focused lenses to their investment properties and develop strategies based on data and professional assessments.

We help our clients approach their single- and multi-family and commercial property investments with three main goals in mind:

  1. Strong investment properties must produce positive cash flow. We help our clients develop strategies that lead to the greatest cash flow possibilities by accounting for the amount paid for a property, gross rent potential, debt or repayment considerations, needed property improvements and more.
  2. Take every available tax deduction. Utilizing all tax deductions is key to reducing your amount owed or increasing your refund come time to file your return. Navigate through available deductions keeping in mind depreciation, fixed and variable operating costs for maintenance and care of the property, real estate tax and more.
  3. Understand the right time to buy and sell to maximize profitability. We help our clients to evaluate the gross potential of their investment. A number of factors weigh on the right time to buy and sell a property, and we’re experienced in understanding and consulting our clients on this process.

We look forward to learning more about your investment properties and creating a profitable strategy together.


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