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Lodovico & Associates FAQs

Many of the questions we get asked are in regards to taxes, however we welcome your questions and comments.

Lodovico & Associates will provide you with the necessary tax and financial information for you to accurately complete the FAFSA.  We will not be able to complete the form for you, but rest assured, we will make sure you are fully-equipped to handle it.
If you are new to Lodovico & Associates, we would be glad to help you with your tax notice.  First, we will need to review the notice itself, as well as any tax documentation relating to the notice, including your tax return from the year in question.  After a review, we will correspond with the inquiring agency and work with you to solve the problem.

If you are a client of L&A already, all you need to do is submit the notice to our office. We will review the notice, along with our copies of your tax documentation, and correspond with the inquiring agency to solve your problem.

Whether your inheritance is taxable is dependent of the source of the inherited amount.  Bring your documentation into Lodovico & Associates and we will review the situation with you and determine your tax liability.
Every tax return is unique. Even your own tax return can vary year-to-year as you change jobs, buy/sell stock, or even win big at the casino.  We work to keep our rates affordable, but they do fluctuate depending on what forms are required to complete your tax return.  Feel free to contact our office and one of our tax professionals will assess your needs and give you an estimate.

Life-changing events, such as marriage, can impact your tax situation significantly. If you were married on or before December 31st of the current year, you can no longer file as single. “Married-filing joint” or “married-filing separate” are the the only ways you can file.

For your first year of marriage, we can compare a joint return versus separate returns for you and your spouse to see which is most beneficial.  Being married and adjusting withholdings is something to be considered; contact Lodovico & Associates to determine the best solution for you and your spouse.

Working with an accountant will give you the personal attention you want to feel confident in your finances.  You are invited to meet with one of our CPAs personally to discuss the details of your tax situation.  We will review your income, interest statements and any expenses you wish to claim to ensure that you receive the largest refund possible.

You are also welcome to call or visit our office at any time with questions that you have.  We are here to help you all through the year, not just during tax season!

Should the IRS or the PA Department of Revenue dispute any information on your tax return, Lodovico & Associates will fight with you in presenting your case.  Government agencies are a lot less intimidating with experienced professionals at your back!

*These are the typical dates, however the pandemic has impacted these dates.


Federal, State, & Local

April 18th

Extension: October 18th


Federal & State

March 15th:
C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Exempt Organizations

Extension: September 15th

April 18:
Partnerships, Trusts/Estates

Extension: October 15th

Yes. We do any state and local tax returns. If you have moved to PA in the middle of the year, we will make sure that your tax obligations are appropriately split between each state so you do not pay any more than you should. Any return, for any year, for any state!

Below is a list of common tax-related documents that Lodovico & Associates would require (if applicable) to accurately file your return. If you have any questions about anything not listed below, feel free to contact our office.

  • Past two years tax returns
  • Social Security Cards/SSNs for self, spouse and any dependents
  • Dates of birth for all mentioned above
  • Earnings W2’s
  • Any interest dividends earned from savings and/or investments
  • Sale of stocks, cost basis and proceeds
  • Self-employed income, 1099’s, 1099R’s
  • Mortgage and real estate tax information (if you own a home)
  • Contributions: Church, charities, non-profit
  • Noncash donations: Goodwill, Salvation Army, other charities
  • Local wage tax paid if not withheld from W2’s
  • Unreimbursed employee expenses required by employer, to be paid by you
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