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We are the tax professionals of choice for Professional Athletes and Sports Professionals

For over 45 years, our winning team of tax professionals has catered to the unique challenges and concerns of professional athletes and sports-industry professionals. Our winning team approach ensures that we work together with the professional athlete’s agent, financial advisor, attorney and other professionals to help successfully plan, manage and attain the personal financial goals of the athlete.

Get access to a winning team of tax advisors

As your trusted tax advisor, we work closely with you and your team of advisors to overcome the obstacles you face as a professional athlete or sports industry professional. Maximizing your tax-advantaged strategies and overall tax savings throughout the process of preparing and filing your Federal, Multi-State and Multi-Locality Income Tax Returns – is our specialty.

Teamwork makes the tax Return dream-work

We invite you to contact us for an initial consultation with our tax experts. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Our winning team of tax professionals works closely with the pro-athlete’s team of professionals to achieve winning goals!

Notes from our playbook

  • We “know the playbook” to work together and partner with your agent, attorney, financial advisor, and other professionals representing your best interests.
  • We “step up to the plate” to maximize your tax-savings with all federal (Internal Revenue Service), multi-state and multi-locality taxing agencies.
  • We score a “touchdown” in the preparation and filing of all federal, multi-state and multi-local income tax returns.
  • We “hit a grand slam” with tax-advantaged strategies for athletes regarding jock tax, expense deductions, duty-day method, charitable contributions, investments, mortgage interest deductions, retirement planning, and more!
  • We score “a hole in one” with estate, trust, gift, charity, LLC, partnership and corporate tax-advantaged planning.
  • We “score a hat trick” with personal accounting, record-keeping and financial statement compilations.
  • We “cross the finish line first” with comprehensive tax planning and cash flow projections.
  • We “tackle” the challenges for successful federal and state representation for tax audits and resolution of tax issues.
  • We throw a “knock-out punch” with ongoing expert advice via telephone, email and face-to-face support.
  • Our experts have the “game plan” for your success!
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